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The Origins of an Iconic Jerusalem Art Form: Armenian Ceramics

We review the book Feast of Ashes, by Sato Moughalian, which chronicles the fascinating origins of the Armenian ceramic tradition in Jerusalem, first introduced there by the author’s grandfather, a refugee from the Armenian genocide, and today an integral part of Palestinian culture in the city. 

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“And We Still Follow Its Path”: Palestinian Artists Explore the Nuances of Jerusalem in Local Exhibit

Palestinian artists interpret Jerusalem and their relationship to it.

Local Art Center Launches the First Digital Platform for Palestinian Visual Arts

You can now scroll through the works of hundreds of Palestinian visual artists from the comfort of your home.

Book Review: Determined to Stay—A Deep Dive into the Nightmare That Is Childhood in Silwan

Silwan’s children are systematically attacked and terrorized to pressure families to leave the area, but the community is rallying to protect them.

What Is Jerusalem? How an Armenian Boy Who Narrowly Escaped the Genocide Captured the Soul of Pre-1948 Jerusalem through His Lens

The Armenian boy who was sold as a slave would provide Jerusalem with a treasure of historic photographs.

Rehabilitating a Unique Ancient Complex in the Old City: Dar al-Consul

After eight years of work, an ancient complex in the Old City of Jerusalem that dates back to Mamluk times is fully rehabilitated, creating an exciting new community space.