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Video Villa Harun al-Rashid—Talbiyya, Jerusalem

The American resident of a cherished Palestinian family villa called Villa Harun al-Rashid gives his glossy version of the house’s history, completely erasing its real story.

Video Revisiting My Favorite Childhood Place

Award-winning Palestinian filmmaker and producer Ihab Jadallah revisits his favorite childhood place as part of our series on Jerusalemites’ favorite places in the city.


Video The Bombing of the King David Hotel in the New City, 1946

A British newsreel broadcast at the time of the bombing underscores the immense shock that this event caused in Jerusalem.

Video The Great Book Robbery

The story of how Palestinian homes in Jerusalem (and elsewhere) whose owners fled in search of temporary safety were systematically looted, including their libraries, even before the war had ended

Video Little Jerusalem

What is it like to be exiled from the city of your birth? A Palestinian Jerusalemite shares his feelings. 

Video General Allenby’s Entry into Jerusalem in 1917

A rare cinematic look back at a pivotal moment in Jerusalem’s history

Video Deir Yasin Village and Massacre

A firsthand recounting and reconstruction of a landmark trauma in Palestinian and Jerusalem history, the Deir Yasin massacre of April 9, 1948

Video Battir Station, the Jaffa and Jerusalem Railway

Battir, a verdant, terraced Palestinian agricultural village 8 kilometers southwest of Jerusalem, became a popular spot for outings after the Jerusalem-Jaffa line of the railway opened in 1892.