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Officially, Palestinian Jerusalemites comprise nearly half of the population of Jerusalem within the Israeli-defined municipal boundaries, but unofficially their number is much higher. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Jerusalemites live outside the city and its environs—most not by choice. This topic explores their stories.

The Story in Numbers


Palestinian population of Jerusalem, within the Israeli unilaterally declared municipal boundaries [1]


Percentage of Palestinians in the total Jerusalem population (East and West), as tabulated in the Israeli Population Registry


Percentage of Muslims in the general Palestinian population of Jerusalem


Percentage of Christians in the general Palestinian population of Jerusalem


Percentage that Palestinian Jerusalemites comprise of of Israel's total Palestinian population 


Average number of persons per household among Palestinian Jerusalemites


Literacy rate among Palestinians in Jerusalem [2]


Percentage of Palestinian children living within the Israeli municipal boundaries who live below the Israeli poverty level


[1] Unless otherwise indicated, all statistics here are from the Jerusalem Statistical Yearbook 2021, Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research. These numbers reflect the number of Palestinians entered in the Israeli Population Registry. Unregistered persons are not included and may number in the thousands or tens of thousands. 

[2] Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Jerusalem Statistical Yearbook - 2020, July 2020, 76.

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